The Channel Islands which are obviously located in the English Channel are a fascinating British holiday destination to visit and are ideal if you want to get away without having to go too far. Located closer to France than to the British Isles, these incredible islands have customs all of their own whilst appearing to be quintessentially British in their natures. The only part of the British Isles to have come under German occupation during WW2, the Channel Islands have an independent nature, some of their own customs and other idiosyncrasies. While Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, the second largest, Guernsey is just as charming a place to visit and makes a great destination for a short break away or for a longer visit. If you want to explore more of the British Isles, then start with Guernsey which you can find out more about right here.

The island of Guernsey boasts its very own small but international airport and it does operate flights between some of the larger UK airports such as London, and from other southern airports such as Exeter. Flight time is roughly one hour since the plane won’t be gaining so much altitude and tends to be rather on the smaller side. If flying on small planes isn’t for you, then don’t worry, you can always take the daily ferry from Portsmouth which will take around 7h. The island itself is just 65km2 in size so you won’t necessarily need your car or to hire one when you are visiting there.

One of the greatest attractions of Guernsey and of the Channel Islands in general is the fact that they tend to enjoy the best of the great British weather. With its proximity to France, when the weather is good it’s really good so a trip during the summer months is the perfect way to enjoy the seaside. There are many coves and beaches on the island that are usually well-sheltered and are perfect for some seclusion and peace, and safe enough for families with small children to enjoy themselves too. There are some fantastic coastal footpaths in addition to this that will mean that you visit and get around the island with ease.

The capital of Guernsey is Saint Peter Port which is located on the east coast of the island. This charming port town features narrow and winding streets and stairs and in fact is a really ancient one since it has excited as a trading post since before Roman times. When you are in this lovely town, make sure that you visit Castle Cornet which is a historic fortress that guards the fort, and Candie Gardens which is a beautiful restored Victorian garden which also features a statue of famed author Victor Hugo who spent his exile on the island. With a charming and old-fashioned market as well as great views out to see, Saint Peter Port is just one of the many highlights of the island that are definitely worth a closer look!

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