In the last five to ten years or so, the Eastern European country of Croatia has become an increasingly popular holiday destination particularly amongst backpackers and couples who are looking to find a little slice of paradise to themselves. Even though not as cheap a place to visit as it once was, the stunning beauty and site of this small country more than make up for its rise in prices, and add into the mix the sun, sea and sand that is readily available, if you are seeking to visit somewhere a little bit different or fancy a change from say Spain, then visiting Croatia is a great idea. Part of the European Union and with great package deals starting to become more readily available, taking a holiday in Croatia couldn’t be a better idea. If you still need a bit more convincing to take a risk on visiting somewhere new, then continue reading to find out more about the lovely country of Croatia.

There are 3 major airports in Croatia that are commonly used by its thousands and thousands of tourists each year and those are Zagreb which is actually the capital as well, Split on the coast and Dubrovnik which is another major city. Flight time between London and any of the Croatian airports is roughly 2 hours 45 minutes with multiple airlines servicing the routes including more budget ones if you fancy nabbing yourself a bargain. If you are looking for some serious sunshine then flying into Dubrovnik in the very southern tip of the country is the best for you, although Split is also on that western coast too. Zagreb is actually situated inland in the north so is less convenient for a seaside holiday if that is what you are after.

Both Split and Dubrovnik are obviously located on the coast, which is the famous Dalmatian coastline which features loads of beautiful white sandy beaches all leading into the glittering blue of the Adriatic Sea which handily happens to be warm and lovely for outdoor swimming. Thanks to its location in the south of Eastern Europe, Croatia boasts some truly wonderful summer weather too without it being too scorching. Hire a car and meander along this stunning Dalmatian coast and discover lovely beaches which are perfect for wiling away a day under the sun.

Aside from the sun, sea and sand, Croatia also boasts some truly fascinating history and is at a sort of crossroads where east begins to meet west. From stunning medieval architecture to some ancient artefacts don’t forget to bring a pair of walking shoes along with your flip-flops so that you can explore on some exciting day trips.

Another thing that you simply must experience is Croatian cuisine which really has some tantalising tastes. The Hungarian dish of goulash is popular but is given a Croatian twist, and sea food such as luxury lobster is also a common dish. Try some local white truffles and cheese and your culinary journey can be considered complete!

So visit somewhere new – visit Croatia on your next holidays!

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