Skiing used to be a sport which was only accessible for a small about of people, due to the prices being very high, although now, with more competitive pricing, the door is open for much more people to give the exotic sport a try for the first time.

If you haven’t been skiing before, it’s a fantastic sport which combines skill, agility, scenery, friends and all round good times. Something which everyone should try at least once in their life.

We have written about the top reasons why you should be giving skiing a try for the first time this winter.

<h2>Get to see new destinations</h2>

There aren’t many things more aesthetically pleasing than a beautiful snow filled ski slope. Where a beach holiday may lack in having skylines and background to gaze into for the first time in amazement, a ski holiday has this to no end. Whilst you are on the slopes, the surrounding trees, wildlife and deep levels of snow will open your eyes to a sight that you maybe haven’t seen in your lifetime. It’s not just the scenery which looks stunning, the wooden structures and buildings look like something you’d see in a Christmas film, which is perfect for romantics and admirers of unique buildings.

<h2>Skiing is good for your health</h2>

Perhaps a bit of an obvious one, but it definitely deserves a mention. Skiing is a beneficial exercise, and due to exercise helping with the release of endorphins think could possibly explain why everyone you meet at a ski resort is happy and full of life. When you are making your way down the slopes, you are working your core muscle groups – which in return will improve your balance and posture. Skiing is simply the perfect way to get some exercise under your belt during the winter seasons.

<h2>Have you ever hear of après ski?</h2>

Just because you are on a skiing holiday doesn’t mean that you have to ski all day, if you haven’t heard of the term après ski, you are going to love this. Après ski is a term used for social activities which occur after the day of skiing is over. Usually, you’ll partake from around 3 pm. Expect vibrant bars, live music, night clubs, little cinemas, lounge areas, games rooms and plenty other entertainment options. No matter your age, or taste, there truly is something for everyone when you check into a ski resort.

<h2>You’ll meet new people</h2>

Meeting new people is always an exciting event when you are out enjoying après ski, you’ll no doubt run into like-minded individuals who are relaxing or looking for excitement. A great way to meet new people is by getting to know people who are at the on-site bars. And if you are looking at improve upon your skiing skills, there is always more experienced and veteran skiers at the resort you can fling questions at.

<h2>Making fresh tracks if a feeling like no other</h2>

When you are exploring a new terrain, regardless of the season you’ll more than likely find yourself spotting an untouched area which has no snowboard or ski tracks on it. One of the biggest known pleasures of skiing is getting to press your tracks into a spot before anyone else. This is also a great feeling if you are an explorer.

Check out Mark Warner for great skiing deals and offers to all the best destinations. What are you looking forward to the most when you go skiing for the first time? Or if you are a keen skier, would you agree with the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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