Top 5 Things to do in Lanzarote

For decades the island of Lanzarote has been one of the most popular tourist hotspots for families, couples and solo travellers seeking some coveted sun, sea and sand and this is a trend that does not show any signs of ever ending. The most easterly of Spain’s famed autonomous Canary Islands found in the Atlantic Ocean on a holiday to Lanzarote you can be absolutely certain of three things; sun, sea and sand. With a well-established and basically booming tourist industry, you can really relax under the sun in Lanzarote. If you are still to visit this lovely island or are planning a holiday there soon, then find out 5 of the top things to do when you are there. Continue reading “Top 5 Things to do in Lanzarote”

Be Charmed by Cyprus

The countries of the Mediterranean Basin are obviously one of the top summer sun destinations from those of us from more northerly European countries who are feeling a bit sun-starved and chilled and are feeling the need for some sun, sea and sand. For many of us our preferred holiday spots on the Med are eastern and southern Spain, Turkey and Greece which are countries that have been in the big tourist business for years. However don’t forget about the smaller but incredibly charming places that you can visit, one of them being the lovely island of Cyprus. Whether you want a week’s holiday or two, this stunning destination while still a popular holiday spot, can be ideal if you are looking for something a bit less commercialised. With all-inclusive luxury resorts to peaceful and naturally beautiful beaches, for your next family holiday, a trip to Cyprus could be just the thing. Find out more about what to see and do on this charming island. Continue reading “Be Charmed by Cyprus”

Croatia – Hot Spot on the Adriatic

In the last five to ten years or so, the Eastern European country of Croatia has become an increasingly popular holiday destination particularly amongst backpackers and couples who are looking to find a little slice of paradise to themselves. Even though not as cheap a place to visit as it once was, the stunning beauty and site of this small country more than make up for its rise in prices, and add into the mix the sun, sea and sand that is readily available, if you are seeking to visit somewhere a little bit different or fancy a change from say Spain, then visiting Croatia is a great idea. Part of the European Union and with great package deals starting to become more readily available, taking a holiday in Croatia couldn’t be a better idea. If you still need a bit more convincing to take a risk on visiting somewhere new, then continue reading to find out more about the lovely country of Croatia. Continue reading “Croatia – Hot Spot on the Adriatic”

Find Paradise in Portugal

For many years Portugal has been a popular holiday destination for travellers who want to escape the somewhat manic tourist scene and packed costal hotspots of southern Spain and to this day it remains a lovely place to visit. If you like sunshine holidays that feature obviously lovely weather, stunning coastlines, tasty dishes and of course plenty of sites to see, then this southern European country could be the place that you should visit. Continue reading “Find Paradise in Portugal”