A week in Barcelona


Going to Barcelona? It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It offers almost anything too! You’ll find something for every member of the family.

Barcelona is a massive city and has some lovely hotels.

Traveling for Kids & Family

If you’re here with your Family then let’s face it kids and adults have different priorities. Kids will want to play whereas parents will want to do some sightseeing, for these reaosns we recommend families trying to stay in the following districts –

  • El Born (the old town)
  • Gothic Quarter (the old town):
  • Poble Nou,
  • Barceloneta

Here are the two recommended apartments we like though: Durlet Beach Apartments and Bai81 Apartments. Both places are walking distance away to nearby attractions, the apartments are well spacious and located in nice neighborhoods.

Traveling for business

If you’re here for business you might want to try squeeze in some pleasure while you can.  Our favorite place for business is Capri by Fraser.

Here with friends

If you’re here with friends, you’re going to want to have fun. With a group though sometimes logistics can get a bit complicated. I recommend staying in these districts:

  • El Born
  • Gothic Quarter
  • El Raval

Things to do for free

We’ve discovered so many things you can do for free and we’ve listed them all below!

1. Chill at Parc de la ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella is located right next to the old town El Born district. A lot of the locals spend their free time in Park de la Ciutadella and every year you will find loads of free events here. You can also rent a small boat at the small lake that is there.

2. Parks in Montjuic

Climb up the mountain Montjuic and enjoy the amazing views of the city. Montjuic has several different parks and playgrounds. There is also a castle at the top too.

3. La Mercè Festival

This is one of the main festivals in Barcelona and the celebration goes on for a week! the La Merce Festival happens all around the city and has loads of free activities, concerts, exhibitions and more!

4. See the local artists at Las Ramblas


Las Ramblas de Barcelona is famous because of the amount of artists that do shows there. You can see musicians, dancers, and other artists about the place! Just be careful of pick pockets.

5. Find a Magic Enchanted Forest near Las Ramblas

Near Las Rambas de Barcelona you will find a bar called El Bosc de les Fades. Just go and see how amazing the place is! You’ll thinkm you’re in the Hobbit or something.

6. Free museum night

Once a year you can visit some of the Museums across Barcelona at night.

7. Music Museum

If you love music and music history check out the Music Museum, every Sunday you can go after 3:00 for free! There is more than 500 instruments in the place too.

We hope you enjoy your stay, we love Barcelona!

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